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SANAS Knowledge Transfer Virtual Live Courses

During the COVID 19 and Lockdown, the SANAS Knowledge Transfer (KT) will be providing Virtual Live Courses (VLC's) commencing from June 2020 onwards. VLC's are presented in the quest and commitment to continue to providing training services to our clients while protecting their health and comply with the prescribed lockdown regulations.  All Contact Courses at SANAS offices, provinces and in-house courses remain postponed until further notice. A continually updated website schedule is available.  

  • Training is provided using reliable online conferencing technology, which enables course participants attendance of specific online courses.
  • VLC's are conducted to simulate the training room environment by bringing participants and the facilitator together through live sessions. This also allows real time peer interaction and knowledge sharing.
  • Course participants require an uninterrupted reliable internet-connected computer, laptop or android device, plus headphones with a microphone to allow interaction with the facilitator and other participants.
  • Specific course dates and fees for each VLC are published in the SANAS website course schedule.

For additional detailed information please visit the Questions and Answers section under “Äpply for training" tab on the website page. Also contact Training Coordinators for further enquiries: Ms. Thabiso Bapela – 012 740 8414, and/or Ms. Mpheiwa Moremi- 012740 8413,​

Knowledge Transfer Services (Training)
The SANAS Knowledge Transfer Centre has been providing training services for over 13 years. Our course facilitators, who are also qualified assessors, have experience in training and technical fields. This enables them to share first-hand experience on accreditation activities and best practices during the presentation of courses. The knowledge and experience of our course facilitators, experts and accreditation field managers ensure our ability and capability to provide courses in all our current accreditation and emerging fields. Our courses are designed and continually improved to ensure value to our clients and their organisations.
Please download/view the latest Course Schedule here.
Please download/view the User Manual here.
If you have previously registered for accreditation or training, please login using your username and password. To apply for training for the first time, please register.
If you have forgotten your login credentials: recover your account.

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How do I register and log in?
  • Course booking and registration is done online.
  • Brief activity flow summaries for registration and log in are provided on the website.
  • First register as system user in order to gain access to Individual, Group and In-house course booking.
  • The course schedule is available to select a course of choice. Please verify the correct venue of the course selected. (SANAS Knowledge Transfer- Pretoria; Cape Town; Durban etc.
  • Once the registration forms have been completed and submitted, notification will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided in your personal registration.
  • This will at the later stage be followed by a quotation to be acknowledged for acceptance, the invoice for payment, course venue and time confirmations.

Should you encounter any problems with the process, please call +2712 740 8413/8414 for assistance

What is My Dashboard?
  • This is a personal space provided to each candidate who have registered for SANAS training courses.
  • My Dashboard allows you to access Pre and Post course support, information, assignments, discussions with course facilitator and colleagues who attended the same course.
  • The access is limited to three months after date of course completion.​
How are SANAS VLC’s conducted?

  • ​​​SANAS VLC's are facilitated live online by SANAS Course Facilitators.
  • The technology used allows course participants interaction with the facilitator and other course participants.
  • Courses commence at 08:00 daily, with breaks and finishing times customised between the course facilitator and participants.
  • Training material will be delivered through courier services and made available through online medium.  It is therefore important to provide accurate physical and other contact details during course booking.​

What hardware and software are needed for participation?
  • ​SANAS is a licence holder of online conferencing technology which allows uninterrupted live streaming and delivery of courses.
  • Course participants are required to have an uninterrupted, reliable, internet-connected computer, laptop or android or other devices and headphones to allow interaction with the facilitator and other participants throughout the course.
  • Course participants will be informed which software is to be downloaded for their course livestreaming and for receiving training material. 

Are all courses available on the VLC platform?

  • ​The current course offering is limited to those that do not involve contain practical exercises and scenario simulation.
  • Courses such as internal auditing, Technical Assessing Techniques and Documenting the System are currently not part of the VLC schedule. Work is currently underway to bring include them a later stage. 

What is going to happen to Contact Course bookings and payment done before the COVID 19 Lockdown?

  • ​Course participants that have already paid for Contact Courses will not forfeit their course fees.
  • Participants who choose to attend VLC's instead of the Contact Course initially enrolled for, will be credited the fee difference between the two courses. 
  • The status of Contact Courses will be continuously reviewed and updated on the SANAS website schedule and accompanied by direct client updates two weeks before their commencement date.

What are the attendance pre-conditions?

The conditions for Contact Course attendance are applicable to VLC's and they include:

  • ​​VLC fees which are lesser than the Contact Course fees are available in the website course schedule.
  • Full course payment before course attendance, immediate future payment commitment in a form of a purchase order or payment commitment letter signed between SANAS and the participant or participant's employer.
  • Participants or organisations with outstanding  payments from previous courses will no be permitted to attend new courses.
  • Failure to meet the above requirements will result into participants being barred from attending courses. ​

How are course participants going to be assessed?

  • Through collaborative exercises with other participants and individual assignments.
  • The type of certificate awarded will depend on participant's performance in the exercises and assignments.
  • Submission dates must be strictly adhered to. ​

Why choose SANAS Virtual Live Courses?

  • SANAS VLC's are an alternative means for our clients to access training services in the comfort and safety of their environment while complying with the prescribed lockdown regulations. 
  • Our course facilitators are experienced and have in-depth technical skills, knowledge and experience in various fields of accreditation and training. ​

What time will my course start?

  • All courses start at 9.00 am on the first day, times for subsequent days are as determined by the course facilitator and delegates.
  • Delegates are required to be at the training venue at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time. Courses finish not later than 16:00 daily. ​

What will be provided?

  • Course material includes course notes, case studies and writing materials will be provided.
  • Standards for all System Courses are part of the course material and fee.
  • Other courses types (Internal Auditing, Documenting the System do not include Standards. Candidates are therefore required to bring their standards from previous courses.
  • For practical courses training manuals will be made available for duration of the course but returned afterwards.
  • Arrival, teatime and lunchtime refreshments will be provided.
  • Please ensure that your dietary requirements are communicated to Training Coordinators during course booking and registration. ​

What are the conditions for cancellations of registered courses?

  • All course cancellations must be in writing. Cancellations made less than 10 working days prior to commencement of the course are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
  • Please note that courses can only be confirmed to go ahead if the required minimum number of delegates enrolled has been achieved 10 working days prior to the dates.
  • No reimbursements shall be made for cancellations that are less than 4 working days prior to the course.
  • Substitute delegates are acceptable. This must be communicated to the Training Coordinator.
  • Where possible, bookings can be transferred to another course. Such transfers must be made 10 working days before course date.
  • Transfers made on the day or after the course commences will be treated as cancellations and require payment of a new fee.
  • SANAS is VAT deregistered. Tax exemption certificate is available on request. ​​​​​​